Web Design For 2020 And Beyond: What Will Help Your Site Stand Out Most?

Posted on: 26 August 2020

The only thing that moves faster than technology these days is, perhaps, time itself. Although it may feel like you just rang 2020 in a few months ago, 2021 is quickly approaching. Is your website up to par now, or is it still stuck in the 1990s? Will 2021 be the year you really propel your site or the year you're left in the dust, permanently? Web design is far too important to be left to fade away like a passing year — you have to make a perpetual resolution to update, upgrade and uplift your site so it can carry your business into the future.

1. Proving That You're Trustworthy

From putting the "S" in your hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), simply meaning it becomes securely encrypted, to posting a clear and concise privacy policy, users always need to know the site they're visiting is trustworthy, whether they'll be entering a credit card number or not. Create a profile on the Better Business Bureau and link to it on your site, letting people know you're not just in business but that you mean business when it comes to your credibility. There are a number of different badges and certificates available, each with its own requirements, that'll prove your site can be trusted.

2. Showing You Care

The world has become more compassionate, making way for charity and making it important that you show your kindness. Display a quiet message that shows you're supporting a worthy cause somewhere in the world, such as helping to preserve a rain forest or putting shoes on the feet of poverty-stricken children.

3. Demonstrating Technical Competence

For whatever reason you're on the web, be it to sell a product or service, inform, convert or entertain people, your site must always work. When you know your pages are performing, you know you're in style, at least in that aspect. 

4. Adding Futuristic Finesse

Although you never want to overwhelm a visitor or their device, you do want to tickle the futuristic fancy of everyone who views your site. Add elements proven to be both impressive and manageable, such as any one or more of the following:

  • A voice user interface (VUI) that allows people to vocally interact with your site.
  • 3D graphics that turn a plain page into an immersive reality.
  • Dark mode, which enables you to highlight and emphasize web elements to precision while easing up on the eyes of the viewer and easing battery consumption.
  • Consideration for 5G networking with increased data speed and decreased website latency for an out-of-this-world user experience.
  • AI (artificial intelligence) that customizes the canvas of your website to each returning visitor.

Even if you don't know the difference between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design, your website can still outshine your competitors. Hire a creative professional to help you construct and implement the futuristic encounter users will enjoy and look forward to coming back to.

Don't let 2020 pass by with your website stuck in yesteryear. Make the changes needed to make your site and your business competitive, compelling and competent so it can inspire consumer confidence and engagement.

To learn more, contact a web design company.