Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Posted on: 4 February 2021

The reviews that your business has on popular online services can be a major factor in determining the profitability and revenue of the company. This is due to the understandable concern that people will have about using a business with bad reviews. Unfortunately, business leaders might not have a plan in place for managing their online reviews.

Is It Possible for Small Businesses to Monitor Online Review Sites for Negative Reviews?

It may seem like it will be impossible for a small business to effectively monitor the various online services for negative reviews about their operations. Luckily, there are online review monitoring services that can handle this for you by regularly scanning these websites and analyzing the reviews that are being left. By using these services, you will be able to receive notifications when negative reviews are left so that you can take steps to handle this situation.

Are There Strategies to Minimize the Impacts of Negative Reviews?

It may not be possible for you to avoid all negative reviews. However, there are strategies that you can adopt that will allow you to minimize the impacts that any negative reviews will be able to have on your business. One example of this can be encouraging all of your customers to leave a review if they have enjoyed their experience. To help encourage individuals to do this, some businesses may offer a discount for those that can provide proof of offering a review for these services. This can help to push any negative reviews lower in the results while also offering counterexamples of individuals that enjoyed their experience.

What Should You Do About Fraudulent Reviews on These Services?

While the vast majority of the reviews that are left on these websites will be authentic, some businesses will find themselves subjected to fraudulent reviews. This can lead to the firm suffering a major hit to its online reputation. Often, this can be in the form of a business receiving a large volume of fraudulent reviews over a short period of time. An online review monitoring service will be able to help you detect a sudden increase in negative reviews so that you can take the appropriate steps to limit the damage. This will involve suspending reviews to the service and notifying the service of the attack so that they can investigate the reviews to determine whether they should be removed from the website.