Creating Custom Software: Understanding The Process

Posted on: 10 November 2015

Many companies choose to use software that's already been created and designed to fit their needs. Others might opt to enlist the help of a professional software developer who can create something more customized to their particular business. This software goes through a very intricate process that involves several steps in order to ensure that it functions the way it's needed to. Read on to learn more about the process of custom software development from inception to its final use.

Discovery and Analysis

A custom software design company needs to know what the business wants in terms of practical usage. They'll help evaluate the business' needs in regards to what the software should be able to do as well as go over any specific commands and modules it will need to perform. This process is known as discovery. Then, a full analysis of the proposed custom software is done to ensure that all details have been covered before the developers move into the next phase of creation.

Technical Design

Once a full analysis has been completed, the developers will begin to work on the actual technical design of the software. This is where the real meat of the project begins, as they take a look at how to make the software work. Using diagrams, flowcharts, and coding, the design team will start to create a working version of the software. The customer can assist by beta testing the new software. Minor and major tweaks and changes can be made as the developers go along.


When it's time to begin using the customized software, the design team will first run it through a few trials to make sure that every aspect is working correctly. They may also use testers to assist them in order to get a more objective outside view of how well it works. Testers can also help make notes on any errors and flaws that are found so that the developers can make corrections as needed. This phase is extremely important because it helps work out any kinks or problems before the software goes live.


The delivery phase of software development is when the customer gets to use their newly customized software for the first time. They'll install it and start to use it in practical applications for their business. While there may be some bumps along the road during this phase, this is where the success of the newly created product really has a chance to shine through. As customers begin to use their custom software, they can make change request as they need to in order to ensure that the new system will work well for their specific business needs.