Three Types Of Websites That Sell Well And How To Make Yours Valuable Enough To Sell

Posted on: 4 December 2015

Selling web sites is the new liquid (or virtual!) gold. If you can build one that becomes valuable, then you can sell it for a decent chunk of change. If you are not sure where or how to get started with this, there are several "sell my website" sites that will tell you how, but very few of them really tell you what kind of web site will garner a decent profit. Here are three types of web sites that sell well and how to make yours valuable enough that others will want to buy it.  

Niche Blogs

Blogging can be done by anyone and everyone, and in fact there are so many blogs out there it may be impossible to figure out what you should blog about. Niche blogs, or blogs that talk about something very specific and engaging to various cross-sections of the population, are the kinds that can make money and draw attention. Blogging about how your breakfast cereal got soggy in milk and your cat drank the milk in the bowl is not something people will want to visit your blog for or pay to read. On the other hand, blogging about the numerous efforts you are making to restore extremely rare antique cars and traveling the country junk picking to find the parts is exactly the kind of niche blog that gets noticed, gets followers/subscribers and makes enough money that an investor will want to buy it.

Online Marketing of Virtual Products or Downloadable Software

If it has anything to do with technology, your website could make money. Online marketing sites that sell virtual goods and services or sell downloadable software that you designed and built is money in the bank if you work really hard to build the sight and the products you offer. When the products, software and services are also unique, then your website is doubly valuable to an investor because the site is practically a turnkey operation (i.e., it makes money even when you are asleep. Just "turn the on key" and let it go).

News Websites

News websites are big sellers, too. For example, Arianna Huffington founded and developed The Huffington Post and sold it for $315 million. This is a prime example of someone who poured a ton of work into a site that has lots of valuable information, news and editorial articles on dozens of topics, all of which draw interest from the masses, and then she sold it to someone else for a lot of money. While your first website may not garner that kind of money when you sell it, it does definitely highlight the fact that news websites can be very lucrative when you know exactly what kinds of stories and opinions to include.