3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Invest In Geolocation Marketing

Posted on: 3 January 2017

When it comes to the success of any marketing campaign, having the ability to reach your target audience when delivering your company's message is crucial. More and more companies are making the choice to extend their marketing efforts into the online realm, but feel it can be challenging to target specific users when marketing goods and services. Thanks to geolocation marketing that relies on the identification and targeting of specific IP addresses, you can create more effective marketing campaigns.

Here are three reasons why you should be investing in ip targeted services in the near future.

1. IP-targeted marketing services could increase conversion rates.

When it comes to measuring the success of your online marketing activities, conversion rates can provide clues about the effectiveness of your message. A conversion rate is the number of people who click through your online advertisements and make it to your company's website to purchase goods or services compared to the number of impressions your ad makes.

When you target people within a specific demographic based on their IP address, you ensure that your message reaches consumers who are in need of the goods or services your company can provide. This means that more interested parties are exposed to your ad, increasing your conversion rates and reducing the cost-per-impression for your online campaign.

2. Geolocation marketing helps maintain your company's reputation.

The last thing you want to do is develop a reputation for your company sending out spam messages to consumers.

Online users don't like spam, so using geolocation marketing to identify those IP addresses that belong to users who would be interested in your goods or services ensures you aren't wasting impressions on people with no desire to buy. This reduces the likelihood that your messages will be considered spam, allowing you to keep your company's reputation intact.

3. IP-targeted marketing allows you to integrate online and offline campaigns.

If you are running online and offline campaigns simultaneously, creating continuity between these campaigns can be beneficial.

In order to ensure that the customers in your company's immediate geographic area receive access to online ads that mirror the message you are sending through offline advertising avenues (like radio or billboard), you need to use IP-targeted marketing tactics to single out the IP addresses of local users before launching your online campaign.

Understanding the benefits that geolocation marketing can provide allows you to better reap the rewards of this highly-targeted form of advertising in the future.