How To Build Restaurant SEO With Multiple Locations

Posted on: 3 May 2022

If you own several restaurants, you may have some ideas about how to market each location so that each gets some attention. A multi-location marketing platform can help each of your restaurants get some love, and developing a strong marketing plan can help you make a significant difference in the future of your business.

With a marketing agency, you can improve awareness of your brand, increase website traffic, and grow your business overall. These are some of the ways you can build SEO for each location.

Take Advantage of Multiple Platforms

When you have several restaurants, each one needs a page on different social media and marketing platforms. You do not want customers to get confused about which location they are reading about, so make sure that you have ways to differentiate your businesses on these platforms, like different photos and page titles.

Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

When people find restaurants to dine at, they are often looking for places to eat on their phones. This means that you can reach more people if your website is available in mobile format. This means that people who use your website on a phone will be able to see your menu, restaurant locations, and more. Check your website regularly to make sure that the page is easy to navigate.

Get Interactive

When you have several restaurants, finding a personality can be more important. It is important that you find ways to interact with others in the community and invite them to try a meal at your facility. Personality profiles can help you reach out to an audience that wants to try your food. Marketing platforms can often manage the interactive portion of social media and other websites for your businesses.

Use Strong Keywords

One of the best ways to market multiple locations is to make good use of keywords. For instance, you should incorporate the city and neighborhood name in your keywords to ensure that people can find each of your locations rather than just one. For example, if you own two restaurants in the city of Columbus, you might use keywords like "hamburger restaurant east Columbus" and "hamburger restaurant west Columbus" to differentiate.

Learn More About Marketing Solutions

Online marketing solutions are available to help you through some of the challenges of running a business. Contact a marketing platform like Irio to learn more about getting the assistance you need with multiple restaurant locations.